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Abdullah, your name holds a profound meaning, reflecting the essence of your faith and connection to your religion.
It signifies "worshiper of Allah," the one and only God in Islam.
Your name serves as a constant reminder of the importance of dedication and submission to Allah's will, encouraging you to lead a righteous and pious life in accordance with Islamic teachings.
Embrace the significance of your name and strive to live up to its spiritual implications, honoring the bond you share with Allah.

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Happy Birthday Abdullah Lyrics

In a land of sand so wide,
Lived Abdullah, with joy inside.
His name means "servant of Allah" true,
In every action, his faith shone through.

With a heart so kind, like a gentle breeze,
He spread love like leaves on trees.
In every smile, in every glance,
He found a way to make hearts dance.

With each step he took, in the desert's embrace,
He found beauty in every place.
For Abdullah knew, in his heart so free,
That Allah's love was all he'd ever need.

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Happy Birthday to You,
May Good Luck be with You,
Happy Birthday to you, Abdullah.

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