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Abhay, your name speaks of courage and a noble spirit.
It signifies one who is fearless and unwavering, standing tall amidst life's tribulations.
Derived from the Sanskrit term "abhaya," which means "without fear," it symbolizes your indomitable strength and your ability to conquer challenges with confidence and grace.

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Happy Birthday Abhay Lyrics

In fields of green where flowers play,
There skips a boy named Abhay,
His name, it means "fearless" they say,
With courage brightening his day.

He laughs with glee, no worries in sight,
Like a kite soaring in the light,
Through storms and shadows, he'll find his way,
For Abhay's heart knows not dismay.

With every step, he conquers his fears,
Spreading joy, wiping away tears,
In a world of wonder, he'll always stay,
Oh, fearless Abhay, leading the way!

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Happy Birthday to You,
May Good Luck be with You,
Happy Birthday to you, Abhay.

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