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Addison, your name bears a noble heritage, originating from the Old English given name Eadsige.
It signifies "son of Aed", a powerful figure from Anglo-Saxon legends.
Aed, meaning "prosperity" or "riches," imbues your name with a sense of abundance and success.
By carrying this name, you embody the qualities of prosperity, wealth, and a deep connection to your ancestral roots.

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Happy Birthday Addison Lyrics

In a land where sunbeams dance,
Lives a friend named Addison, full of chance.
With laughter bright as morning dew,
And a heart that's always true.

Addison, oh what a name!
Like a song in a summer rain.
It means "child of Adam", so they say,
Bringing joy in every single day.

In fields of dreams, Addison skips and plays,
With a smile that sparkles in so many ways.
With a sprinkle of kindness and a dash of fun,
Addison shines brighter than the sun!

So let's cheer for Addison, hooray!
In their world, happiness holds sway.
With giggles like bubbles floating high,
Addison, you light up the sky!

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Happy Birthday to You,
May Good Luck be with You,
Happy Birthday to you, Addison.

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