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As fate would have it, the beautiful name "Ajmal" that you bear holds a profound significance, carrying the essence of your destiny like a delicate fragrance.
Its origins lie in the Arabic language, where it takes on the meaning of "more beautiful" or "more handsome," reflecting the radiant allure that emanates from within you.
This name is a testament to the exceptional qualities that set you apart, promising a life filled with grace, elegance, and an aura that captivates all who encounter you.

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Happy Birthday Ajmal Lyrics

In lands afar, where tales unfold,
There lived a lad, young and bold.
His name was Ajmal, oh so bright,
A name that gleams in morning light.

With laughter pure, his heart did sing,
Like birds in spring, on joyful wing.
In every step, he spread delight,
His smile a beacon, shining bright.

In Ajmal's eyes, the stars did dance,
A universe of bliss, in every glance.
For in his name, a treasure's found,
In every joy, his spirit's crowned.

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Happy Birthday to You,
May Good Luck be with You,
Happy Birthday to you, Ajmal.

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  • Ajmal Ameer, the charming and handsome actor hails from Aluva, Kerala and was born on July 20, 1985. He turned 36 years old this year and is currently making waves in the South Indian film industry. Since his debut in "Pranayakalam" (2007), Ajmal has become a notable name in the industry, especially after his performance in "Anjaan" (2014).