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Ali, your name carries a profound meaning as it translates to "high" or "elevated" in Arabic.
Its origins trace back to the Quran, where it is mentioned as one of the attributes of Allah, signifying His greatness and supremacy.
By bearing this name, you embody the qualities of strength, nobility, and loftiness.
You are destined to strive for excellence and soar to greater heights in all aspects of your life, living up to the aspirations enshrined within its meaning.

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Happy Birthday Ali Lyrics

Ali, like a star so bright,
Shining in the sky at night.
With a name that means lofty,
You're a friend so softy.
In every game, you're our ally,
Laughing loud, oh so wily!
Ali, you make our days fly,
With your joy, oh so spry!

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Happy Birthday to You,
May Good Luck be with You,
Happy Birthday to you, Ali.

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