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Amala, your name holds the profound meaning "pure" and "spotless." It signifies a soul untouched by impurities, radiating an aura of innocence and unwavering virtue.
As you navigate life's complexities, may your name serve as a reminder of the inherent purity within you, guiding you toward choices that align with the highest ideals of morality and integrity.

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Happy Birthday Amala Lyrics

In a garden of dreams, where laughter dances in streams,
Lives Amala, with sparkles in her eyes that gleam.
Her name, like a melody, sings of pure grace,
In every step she takes, a smile paints her face.

Amala, oh Amala, a name so divine,
Like a flower blooming, in the sunshine.
With each petal, a story of joy to share,
In her world, kindness and love fill the air.

From the whispers of the wind to the chirping of birds,
Amala's laughter, like music, is heard.
In her heart, a garden where dreams come alive,
With every hug she gives, love thrives.

So here's to Amala, a beacon of light,
In a world where love makes everything right.
May your days be filled with endless delight,
For you, dear Amala, make the world bright.

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Happy Birthday to You,
May Good Luck be with You,
Happy Birthday to you, Amala.

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