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Amjad, the meaning of your name signifies "that which is admired," "most glorious," or "more magnificent." It represents the qualities of excellence, nobility, and distinction.
Your name bestows upon you a reputation of respect and admiration, recognizing the inherent worthiness and grandeur that resides within you.
As the "most glorious," your name inspires you to strive for greatness and to leave an enduring legacy of your contributions to the world.

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Happy Birthday Amjad Lyrics

Amjad, shining bright, like a star in the night,
Your name means "glorious" in a language quite right.
With each step you take, you spread joy and glee,
Like a rainbow after rain, you make everyone see.

Your laughter is like music, a delightful melody,
In a world of chaos, you bring harmony.
Amjad, you're a treasure, a gem so rare,
With kindness and love, you always share.

So keep on shining, dear Amjad, never dim your light,
For in your name's meaning, there's endless delight.

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Happy Birthday to You,
May Good Luck be with You,
Happy Birthday to you, Amjad.

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