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Amyra, your elegant name is derived from the Sanskrit language and holds a profound meaning.
The name Amyra symbolizes "princess" or "princess-like," emanating an aura of royalty, grace, and nobility.
It embodies the virtues of regal bearing and exceptional character, suggesting that you possess an inner radiance that shines through your actions and demeanor.

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Happy Birthday Amyra Lyrics

In a land of giggles, far and near,
Lives a girl named Amyra, oh so dear!
Her name means "princess," shining bright,
In her world, everything's just right!

With a smile as radiant as the sun,
She dances with joy, having so much fun.
Amyra skips through fields of flowers,
Spreading happiness for hours and hours.

In her heart, kindness forever flows,
Like a gentle breeze, wherever she goes.
With each step, she leaves a trace,
Of love and laughter in every place.

So let's cheer for Amyra, our little star,
Bringing happiness from near and far.
In her world, magic fills the air,
Amyra's joy is beyond compare!

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Happy Birthday to You,
May Good Luck be with You,
Happy Birthday to you, Amyra.

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  • If you're a true blue Bollywood fan, then you must be already aware of the pretty face that stood out in the Bollywood crowd in recent years, Amyra Dastur. This beautiful Parsi actress shot to fame with her exceptional performance in the black comedy flick "Kaalakaandi" in 2018. She has captured the hearts of many with her charming smile, ethereal looks and brilliant acting chops.