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Dearest Angira, your name holds the celestial brilliance that illuminates the path of a fire.
It originates from the Sanskrit root "angara," meaning "burning coals" or "fire." This name evokes the fiery energy and transformative nature of the element.
Like the searing flames, you possess an intensity that burns away obstacles and ignites your passions.
You are a beacon of courage and determination, capable of casting light upon even the darkest of nights.
The radiance of your name shines forth, illuminating the path you forge for yourself and those around you.

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Happy Birthday Angira Lyrics

Angira, sparkly star,
Twinkling high, near and far.
With laughter bright, you shine so fine,
In the sky, you dance and dine.

Your name, like a magic spell,
Brings joy to hearts, oh, can't you tell?
Angira, oh so dear,
Your light brings cheer, year after year.

In your glow, we find delight,
Guiding us through the darkest night.
Angira, with your celestial hue,
You make our dreams come true.

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Happy Birthday to You,
May Good Luck be with You,
Happy Birthday to you, Angira.

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