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Aravind, your name carries a rich and auspicious meaning that reflects the virtues of a lotus flower.
Ara means "blooming lotus," a flower renowned for its beauty, purity, and resilience.
In the context of your name, it signifies that you are a shining star, radiating kindness and compassion like the fragrance of a blooming lotus.
The name Aravind also implies that you possess the qualities of a lotus, such as the ability to thrive amidst challenges and emerge stronger from life's difficulties.

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Happy Birthday Aravind Lyrics

In fields of green where flowers grow,
Aravind skips, his laughter aglow.
His name, like sunshine, bright and clear,
Means lotus, blooming without fear.

With petals soft as morning dew,
Aravind dances, the world to woo.
His spirit, like a river, flows,
With joy that only Aravind knows.

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Happy Birthday to You,
May Good Luck be with You,
Happy Birthday to you, Aravind.

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