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Arvind, your name holds a profound meaning that reflects both the essence of your character and the blessings bestowed upon you.
Derived from the Sanskrit words "ar" (lotus) and "vind" (winner), "Arvind" signifies the triumphant victory of the lotus over adversities.
Just as the lotus emerges from muddy waters with its pristine beauty, you possess the resilience and determination to overcome challenges and emerge victorious.
Your name is a constant reminder of the blossoming potential that lies within you, encouraging you to embrace life's obstacles with grace and emerge as a radiant victor.

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Happy Birthday Arvind Lyrics

Arvind, oh so kind,
Like a flower, you'll find.
Your name means "lotus," so rare,
With beauty and grace beyond compare.

In the garden, you bloom,
Spreading joy, chasing away gloom.
With petals so vibrant and bright,
You bring colors to our sight.

Arvind, you shine so bright,
Like a star in the night.
Your name means "lotus," so pure,
With a heart that's always sure.

With each passing day,
You light up the way.
Your smile, like the sun,
Brings warmth to everyone.

Arvind, you're a treasure,
Bringing happiness and pleasure.
Your name, like a melody,
Fills our hearts with glee.

So let's sing and dance,
Give life a joyful chance.
Arvind, you're unique and true,
And we're so lucky to have you!

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Happy Birthday to You,
May Good Luck be with You,
Happy Birthday to you, Arvind.

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  • Arvind Swamy: The Man Who is More Than Just an Actor
  • Arvind Krishna, the multi-talented Tamil film actor, has been entertaining his fans with his impeccable acting skills since his debut in Alaipayuthey, which released in 2000. Born and raised in the vibrant city of Chennai in India, Arvind was born under the Scorpio zodiac sign on November 1, 1986. Having gained immense popularity after his appearance in Baana Kaathadi in 2010, Arvind is one of the most iconic actors in the Tamil film industry.