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Beloved Beauty, your name embodies the radiant allure that dwells within you, forever captivating where'er you grace.
It whispers tales of an ethereal presence that brings joy to all who behold it.
With every glance, your name evokes a symphony of emotions - from sheer awe and admiration to a deep sense of serenity and delight.
It is a tribute to the exquisite tapestry of your being, a constant reminder of the luminous spirit that shines through your every fiber.

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Happy Birthday Beauty Lyrics

In the land of words, where meanings fly,
Beauty dances, painting the sky.
With colors bright and laughter free,
It's like a hug from a friendly tree!

In every flower and every face,
Beauty shines in its own grace.
Like a secret whispered in the breeze,
It's the feeling that makes hearts squeeze!

So let's dance with joy, let's sing with glee,
For Beauty's here, for you and me.
In every moment, big or small,
Beauty's the best friend of all!

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Happy Birthday to You,
May Good Luck be with You,
Happy Birthday to you, Beauty.

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