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Betsy, your name is a testament to your divine destiny.
It is a diminutive of Elizabeth, which is of Hebrew origin, meaning "My God is abundance." You are a beacon of love and light, embodying the very essence of the Almighty.
Your name signifies that you are blessed with an abundance of grace, wisdom, and compassion.
You have a generous heart and a soul that yearns to help others.
May your name forever be a reminder of your unwavering faith and the boundless blessings bestowed upon you.

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Happy Birthday Betsy Lyrics

Bouncing Betsy, full of glee,
Dancing through the fields, so free.
In her eyes, the stars do gleam,
Her laughter, like a bubbling stream.

Betsy, a name so bright and bold,
Like sunshine wrapped in marigold.
With every step, she spreads delight,
Her spirit soaring like a kite.

From the ancient past to today,
Betsy's name, forever in play.
A beacon of joy, she'll always be,
In the hearts of those who know her, you see!

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Happy Birthday to You,
May Good Luck be with You,
Happy Birthday to you, Betsy.

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