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Bharath, your name carries a rich heritage within its syllables.
It is derived from the Sanskrit term "Bharata," which signifies "cherished" or "nurtured." This name is a testament to the love and care bestowed upon you by your parents.
It reflects their hopes that you will be a beloved and well-protected individual throughout your life's journey.
The name "Bharath" is also associated with the ancient Indian kingdom of Bharatavarsha, which played a significant role in shaping the cultural and spiritual landscape of the subcontinent.
By possessing this name, you inherit a legacy of valor, wisdom, and compassion.

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Happy Birthday Bharath Lyrics

Bouncing Bharath, so full of mirth,
In his name, a tale of worth.
Like the sun, he shines so bright,
Spreading joy with all his might.

Beneath his feet, the land does sing,
As Bharath dances, in a joyful ring.
He's like a beacon, leading the way,
Guiding others to a brighter day.

Bharath, oh Bharath, full of cheer,
Your name's melody, oh so dear!
In every laugh and every smile,
You spread happiness mile by mile.

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Happy Birthday to You,
May Good Luck be with You,
Happy Birthday to you, Bharath.

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  • Bharath Gopi - A Legend of Malayalam Cinema
  • Bharath Srinivasan is a heartthrob of Tamil film industry, with his dashing looks and acting prowess that has won millions of hearts across the world. Born on July 21st, 1983 in Trichy, Tamil Nadu, Bharath always had a keen interest in acting so much so that he was scouted as a model. He pursued his Bachelor¬ís Degree in Computer Science, but the passion for acting and the desire to express himself took over, and thus his journey to becoming an actor began.

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