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Dahlia, your name adorns you with regal beauty and auspicious grace.
Derived from the Swedish word "dal," it evokes images of sunny meadows where wildflowers bloom.
You embody the essence of joy and elegance, much like the magnificent flower that bears your name.
Each petal of the dahlia represents a new beginning, a symbol of optimism and prosperity.
Your name whispers secrets of hope and happiness, reminding you that even in life's changing seasons, your spirit remains radiant and ever-blooming.

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Happy Birthday Dahlia Lyrics

In gardens of lore, Dahlia blooms bold,
From the soil, its story unfolds.
Named after botanist, pure and bright,
It dances with colors, a sheer delight.
Petals whisper secrets in the breeze,
Each hue a tale, each shade a tease.
So let your spirit, like Dahlia, unfurl,
In life's rich tapestry, be a vibrant swirl.

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Happy Birthday to You,
May Good Luck be with You,
Happy Birthday to you, Dahlia.

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