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Dear Deepu,

Your name, "Deepu," is a beautiful and meaningful one.
It is derived from the Sanskrit word "deepa," which means "light" or "lamp." In Indian culture, lamps are often used to symbolize knowledge, wisdom, and prosperity.
Therefore, your name signifies that you are a person who brings light and enlightenment to others.
It implies that you have the ability to illuminate the path for others and guide them towards knowledge and success.
Your name is a constant reminder of your potential to make a positive impact on the world and to be a beacon of hope and inspiration for those around you.

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Happy Birthday Deepu Lyrics

Deepu, from the depths you rose,
In your name, a story flows.
In every shadow, a secret keeps,
In every silence, a whisper leaps.

(Assuming the name "Deepu" is of Indian origin, often derived from "Deepak," which means lamp or light, symbolizing illumination and enlightenment.)

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Happy Birthday to You,
May Good Luck be with You,
Happy Birthday to you, Deepu.

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