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Farid, your name holds significant meaning in Arabic, carrying a rich history and a profound essence.
It translates to "unique pearl," symbolizing your rare and precious qualities.
Just as a pearl is a treasure adorned in jewelry, your name reflects your brilliance and value.
It implies that you are one of a kind, possessing exceptional abilities and a distinct character.

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Happy Birthday Farid Lyrics

Farid, oh Farid, shining bright,
Like a star in the sky at night.
Your name means "unique," so rare,
With you, life's an exciting affair!

With every step, you light the way,
Spreading joy throughout the day.
Farid, oh Farid, full of glee,
In your uniqueness, we all see glee!

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Happy Birthday to You,
May Good Luck be with You,
Happy Birthday to you, Farid.

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  • Farid Kamil is a name that needs no introduction in the Malaysian entertainment industry. Born on August 5th, 1981, in Kuala Lumpur, he rose to fame after his debut in the reality show "Akademi Fantasia" season 1 in 2003. Since then, Farid has worked hard to establish himself as a versatile actor and director. He has won the hearts of fans with his acting skills and charming personality.