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Ford, the etymology of your name traces back to the Old English term "ford," signifying a shallow place in a river or stream where people could safely cross on foot or by vehicle.
Historically, individuals who lived near or maintained crossings became known as "fordward" or "fordman," and by medieval times, the surname had been simplified to "Ford." Thus, the meaning of your name symbolizes a connection to water crossings and the role of assisting travelers in traversing such obstacles.

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Happy Birthday Ford Lyrics

In fields of old, where rivers run,
A forge of strength, where tales begun.
From Ford, the name, a legacy found,
In journeys vast, on solid ground.

With roots deep set, like oaks they stand,
In every trial, a guiding hand.
For Ford is more than just a name,
It's where resilience lights the flame.

Through valleys low and mountains high,
In Ford, we trust, beneath the sky.
For when the road ahead seems long,
We'll keep on driving, bold and strong.

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Happy Birthday to You,
May Good Luck be with You,
Happy Birthday to you, Ford.

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