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Gopichand, your name has a captivating meaning that reflects your essence.
It is derived from two Sanskrit words: 'Gopi', referring to the loving devotees of Lord Krishna, and 'Chand', meaning 'moon'.
Thus, your name signifies the radiance and charm of the moon, which illuminates the darkness with its gentle glow.
Like the moon that guides travelers at night, your presence brings solace and direction to those around you, inspiring them with your wisdom and compassion.

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Happy Birthday Gopichand Lyrics

Gopichand, oh so grand,
In fields of joy, you stand.
Like a melody, you soar,
Bringing smiles, more and more!

Gopichand, like a star,
Shining bright, from afar.
In your heart, love does flow,
Spreading cheer, to and fro!

Gopichand, full of glee,
Dancing freely, wild and free.
With every step, you enchant,
In your world, we all want to plant!

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Happy Birthday to You,
May Good Luck be with You,
Happy Birthday to you, Gopichand.

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