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Govinda, your name is a sacred mantra invoked in Vedic and Puranic traditions to venerate Lord Vishnu.
Its Sanskrit origin translates to "protector of the cows," alluding to Lord Vishnu's role as the primary caretaker and protector of the Earth's creatures, including the revered cows.
The name signifies your connection to the divine protector and nourisher, emphasizing the virtues of compassion, grace, and abundance.

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Happy Birthday Govinda Lyrics

In fields of green where flowers dance,
There roams a friend, it's Govinda's chance!
With laughter bright, like sun's soft glow,
He spreads joy wherever he may go!
In every hug, in every cheer,
Govinda's love is oh so clear!
So let's sing out loud, let's give a cheer,
For our dear friend, Govinda, so dear!

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Happy Birthday to You,
May Good Luck be with You,
Happy Birthday to you, Govinda.

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