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Hamid, your name holds the essence of praise and gratitude.
It originates from the Arabic word "hamd," which signifies appreciation, acknowledgment, and admiration for the blessings received.
By carrying this name, you embody the qualities of a grateful heart, one that recognizes the abundance in your life and offers expressions of thanks to those who have touched your path.

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Happy Birthday Hamid Lyrics

Happy Hamid, oh so bright!
Your name means "praised" in the light.
When you smile, the world feels right,
With joy and laughter, day and night.

Hamid, shining like a star,
You bring happiness from afar.
With your kindness, near and far,
You spread joy like a cookie jar.

In your eyes, a twinkle gleams,
A heart so pure, full of dreams.
Hamid, you're like a sunbeam,
Bringing warmth to those it seems.

So let your spirit fly up high,
Reach for dreams that touch the sky.
Hamid, embrace life, don't be shy,
For with your name, you'll always shine bright!

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Happy Birthday to You,
May Good Luck be with You,
Happy Birthday to you, Hamid.

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