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Harriet, the name that graces you bears profound significance.
Its origins lie in the Old German term "harja," meaning "army" or "host." This etymology suggests an individual imbued with strength and resilience.
Moreover, it has been associated with the plant name "healawort" in medieval times, hinting at healing properties or a connection to nature.
Your name thus carries the legacy of a skilled warrior, a compassionate healer, and a protector of all that is good and just.

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Happy Birthday Harriet Lyrics

Harriet, oh so merry and gay,
Like the sunrise at the start of the day.
Your name means "ruler of the home,"
But you bring joy wherever you roam.

With a heart as bright as a summer sky,
You make everyone smile as you pass them by.
Harriet, you're like a shining star,
Spreading happiness and love, near and far.

In your presence, laughter will bloom,
Like flowers dancing in a magical room.
Your charm and kindness never fail,
Like a playful breeze, you set hearts a-sail.

You're the captain of friendship, dear Harriet,
Guiding us through waves, never quitting.
With each adventure, a memory we'll create,
As we journey together, it's never too late.

So let's celebrate your beautiful name,
Harriet, you light up this joyful game.
You bring laughter, like a joyful harp,
Unique and special, you're our shining arc!

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Happy Birthday to You,
May Good Luck be with You,
Happy Birthday to you, Harriet.

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