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Iva, the beautiful blossom that blooms, your name carries within it the radiant essence of the delicate willow tree (Salix genus).
Its branches sway gracefully in the wind, a symbol of strength and flexibility.
Just as the willow bends but does not break, so too may you possess the resilience to overcome life's challenges with grace and unwavering spirit.
May your name inspire you to embrace your inner strength and to bloom into the vibrant, flourishing being that you are destined to become.

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Happy Birthday Iva Lyrics

Iva, my lovely star,
You shine brightly from afar.
Your name's like a secret code,
A treasure waiting to be explored.

In the world of flowers, you're a bloom,
Iva, the flower that brings no gloom.
With petals soft and full of cheer,
You make each day feel extra clear.

Like a bird that soars up high,
Iva, you reach for the sky.
Your spirit's light and full of grace,
A beacon of joy in every place.

In the land of dreams and fantasy,
Iva, you're the fairy of glee.
With magic in your twinkling eyes,
You make the world a paradise.

So, sweet Iva, let us dance and sing,
To the melody your name does bring.
Forever may happiness surround you,
As you live your life full of love so true.

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Happy Birthday to You,
May Good Luck be with You,
Happy Birthday to you, Iva.

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