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Kaiya, your moniker holds a profound significance, originating from the realm of celestial wonders.
It echoes the essence of a distant star, illuminating the vast expanse with its celestial glow.
This name imbues you with a captivating aura of mystery and allure, symbolizing the boundless possibilities that lie ahead.
It whispers of ethereal beauty, guiding you on a journey where grace and radiance shall be your constant companions.
Wear this name with pride, for it carries within it the celestial light that illuminates your path.

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Happy Birthday Kaiya Lyrics

Kaiya, oh Kaiya, a name so bright,
Like the sun shining, with all its might.
From the Hawaiian islands, it takes flight,
Bringing joy and laughter, day and night.

In the ocean waves, you play, Kaiya dear,
With dolphins and turtles, spreading cheer.
Your smile is like a rainbow, crystal clear,
Melting hearts with love, oh, you're so near.

Kaiya, sweet Kaiya, like a melody grand,
Your laughter dances, like the waves on sand.
In your eyes, adventure, you understand,
Exploring the world with wonder, hand in hand.

With a heart as pure as the morning dew,
Kaiya, oh Kaiya, you're one of the few.
Your spirit soars high, like a bird that flew,
Spreading kindness and love, just like you do.

So keep shining, Kaiya, never lose your way,
Embrace each moment, make happiness stay.
With your name so unique, like a sun's ray,
You brighten the world, every single day.

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Happy Birthday to You,
May Good Luck be with You,
Happy Birthday to you, Kaiya.

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