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Karthika, your name holds a captivating and celestial meaning.
It derives from the Sanskrit word "Krittika", which refers to the Pleiades star cluster, a prominent constellation visible in the night sky.
In Hindu mythology, the Krittika is associated with the six mothers of the war god Skanda, known as the "Krittika Sisters".
Your name thus carries the essence of radiance, auspiciousness, and the protective qualities of the divine mothers, symbolizing your brilliance, good fortune, and the love and guidance that will always surround you.

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Happy Birthday Karthika Lyrics

In Karthika's name, sparks ignite,
A fiery soul, a guiding light

Born from stars, in the night's embrace,
She dances with grace, leaving a trace

In every syllable, a story untold,
In every step, a universe unfold

Karthika, a flame that forever glows,
In her heart, the cosmos flows.

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Happy Birthday to You,
May Good Luck be with You,
Happy Birthday to you, Karthika.

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