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My dear Lalita, the melodious symphony of your name holds a profound meaning.
"Lalita" in Sanskrit evokes a captivating charm, grace, and beauty that radiates from your heart.
It symbolizes your gentle and affectionate nature, illuminating the world with your warmth and kindness.
May you forever embody the essence of your name, leaving an enduring imprint of love and joy upon the tapestry of life.

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Happy Birthday Lalita Lyrics

In ancient Sanskrit, Lalita is her name,
With a meaning so divine, it's hard to tame.
She's charming and playful, oh what a sight,
With beauty that astounds, morning 'til night.

A girl like Lalita, she's full of grace,
Her laughter so sweet, puts a smile on your face.
She dances through life, with a skip in her stride,
Inside every heart, she's a treasure to hide.

Lalita, oh Lalita, your name rings true,
A free-spirited soul, as vibrant as the blue.
With passion in your eyes, and love in your heart,
You bring joy and happiness, right from the start.

So unique and special, with a spirit so bright,
Lalita, my friend, you shine in any light.
Embrace your name's meaning, let it guide your way,
For you are extraordinary, every single day.

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Happy Birthday to You,
May Good Luck be with You,
Happy Birthday to you, Lalita.

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