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Mabel, your unique name holds a profound meaning, originating from the Latin word "amabilis," meaning "lovable" or "beloved." It is a testament to the cherished qualities you possess, embodying affection, kindness, and a gentle nature that draws others to you.
Like a warm and inviting embrace, the name "Mabel" reflects the essence of someone who brings joy, love, and warmth to the lives of those around them.

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Happy Birthday Mabel Lyrics

Mabel, a name that's truly one of a kind,
Originating from the land of Old English find.
Meaning "lovable," you bring joy with your smile,
Oh Mabel, you make every day worthwhile.

Your charm is like a warm embrace,
A touch of sweetness in this hectic race.
With laughter that fills the air so free,
Mabel, you're a radiant soul, can't you see?

In your presence, happiness just blooms,
Bringing brightness to the dreariest rooms.
Your spirit shines like the sun in the sky,
Mabel, you're a friend forever, oh my!

So let your light continue to shine,
In this great world that can be so divine.
For Mabel, you're the epitome of grace,
A true gem, a unique soul that we embrace.

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Happy Birthday to You,
May Good Luck be with You,
Happy Birthday to you, Mabel.

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  • Mabel King - the multi-talented African-American actress and singer, stole millions of hearts with her magnetic screen presence. Her early struggles in life did not stop her from pursuing her dreams, and she emerged as a true inspiration for generations to come. The late actress is known for delivering power-packed performances on Broadway and TV, but her role as "Mabel 'Mama' Thomas" in "The Wiz" catapulted her to superstardom.