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Madeline, your name, a melodious gem, bears the rich meaning of "woman from Magdala," a town by the Sea of Galilee.
In ancient times, Magdala was famed for its production of textiles, its women renowned for their skill and artistry.
Your name, therefore, carries an essence of feminine strength, industry, and the ability to weave beauty into the world.
May it serve as a constant reminder of your potential to create a life of purpose and elegance, infusing it with the vibrant hues of a master weaver.

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Happy Birthday Madeleine Lyrics

Madeleine, oh so fine,
Your name has a story intertwined.
From the Greek, meaning "towering,"
You're a force, girl, always empowering.

Like a tower, you rise above the noise,
With grace and poise, you're a treasure, boys.
No one can resist your magnetic charm,
Cause you're Madeleine, with a heart so warm.

You're not just any girl, you're one of a kind,
With a name that sets you apart, so refined.
Madeleine, you own the room with your smile,
Leaving a lasting mark, that's your style.

So embrace your name, wear it with pride,
Madeleine, you're a shining light, bonafide.
You tower above the mundane and routine,
A true queen, on whom everyone can lean.

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Happy Birthday to You,
May Good Luck be with You,
Happy Birthday to you, Madeleine.

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