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Maggie, your name possesses a rich tapestry of meanings.
It stems from the Greek "margaron," which symbolizes a pearl, a treasure of the sea.
Like a precious gem, your name reflects the qualities of beauty, purity, and brilliance.
Its Gaelic origin, "Maighread," further enhances this symbolism, representing "pearl of wisdom." Maggie, you truly embody the essence of a pearl and a wise soul, illuminating those around you with your gentle radiance and thoughtful insights.

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Happy Birthday Maggie Lyrics

Maggie, a name with a unique touch,
Originating from ancient Greeks, it's clutch.
Derived from the name "Margaret," you see,
A pearl of a name it's meant to be.

With Irish roots and a meaning so true,
Maggie, you bring happiness through and through.
Symbolizing a pearl, precious and rare,
You're a gem of a person, beyond compare.

So here's to you, Maggie, one of a kind,
Your name tells a story, a legend to find.
With grace and charm, you shine so bright,
A name that brings warmth, day and night.

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Happy Birthday to You,
May Good Luck be with You,
Happy Birthday to you, Maggie.

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