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Manini, your name, an elegant melody, holds a profound meaning in the tapestry of life.
Derived from Sanskrit, it signifies the essence of a precious gemstone, scintillating with brilliance and radiating an ethereal glow.
As a pearl, you possess the inherent beauty and gentle radiance that illuminates your path, enchanting those around you with your graceful presence.

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Happy Birthday Manini Lyrics

Manini, oh so fine and tiny,
Your name origin, quite divine-y!
It comes from the Hawaiian land,
Meaning "small and delicate," ain't that grand?

You may be small, but you're a star,
With a spirit that shines from afar.
In your presence, all worries unwind,
Bringing joy and laughter of a rare kind.

Manini, you're like a diamond in the rough,
Though petite, your impact is tough.
Your uniqueness, unparalleled by any,
A true gem, loved by many.

So embrace your name, stand tall and proud,
For you bring sunshine through every cloud.
Manini, my friend, you're one of a kind,
A name that defines a soul so refined.

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Happy Birthday to You,
May Good Luck be with You,
Happy Birthday to you, Manini.

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