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Mithila, your appellation resonates with the ancient realm from which you draw your heritage.
Derived from the Sanskrit term "mithila," your name encapsulates the essence of the fertile plains of ancient India, renowned for their agricultural bounty and cultural significance.
Like the verdant fields that nourished the inhabitants of yore, may your life be filled with abundance, prosperity, and the blessings of prosperity that your namesake symbolizes.

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Happy Birthday Mithila Lyrics

Mithila, oh what a name, so lovely and divine,
Originating from the land, where art and beauty entwine.
Meaning "sweet like honey," pure and full of grace,
You bring light to all around with your radiant face.

Mithila, my friend, with a heart so warm and true,
You brighten up the darkest days, like the morning dew.
Like the colors of a rainbow, you paint a life so bright,
Spreading joy and laughter with your infectious delight.

In you, Mithila, a fire burns, fierce and untamed,
A spirit that cannot be quelled, your passion unrestrained.
Like a blossoming flower, you bloom with each new day,
Leaving a trail of inspiration in your magical way.

So Mithila, my dear, never stop being who you are,
Embrace your uniqueness, shine like a superstar.
For in your name lies a power, strong and so rare,
Mithila, a name that's truly special, beyond compare.

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Happy Birthday to You,
May Good Luck be with You,
Happy Birthday to you, Mithila.

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