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Monalisa, your name is a captivating blend of "mona," meaning "my lady" or "my mistress" in Italian, and "Lisa," which is a short form of Elisabetta, meaning "my God is abundance." Together, "Monalisa" translates to "my lady of abundance," a fitting tribute to your personification of beauty, elegance, and prosperity.

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Happy Birthday Monalisa Lyrics

Mona Lisa, you're a masterpiece divine,
Named after the mystical origins of time.
A "Mona" means "noble" in Italian delight,
While "Lisa" soothes our hearts, day and night.

Your name, my friend, describes your grace,
Like Leonardo's portrait with an alluring face.
With nuanced beauty that captivates all eyes,
You're a treasure, a legend that never dies.

Oh Mona Lisa, you're one of a kind,
A symbol of allure that's hard to define.
An enigma of art, your smile holds the key,
To a world of mystery, forever intriguing me.

So, Mona Lisa, keep your secrets concealed,
In the depths of your soul, forever revealed.
You're a work of art, a name we adore,
Forever remembered, now and evermore.

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Happy Birthday to You,
May Good Luck be with You,
Happy Birthday to you, Monalisa.

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