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Nandini, your name radiates the essence of joy and delight.
Derived from the Sanskrit term 'nand', meaning "happiness," your name embodies the radiant glow of contentment and mirth.
It evokes the image of a joyful and effervescent spirit, always spreading cheer wherever you go.
Like a blooming flower, your presence brightens the lives of those around you, inspiring smiles and illuminating pathways with the warmth of your sunny disposition.

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Happy Birthday Nandini Lyrics

Nandini, like a melody divine,
From Sanskrit roots, a name that shines.
Meaning "delightful" in its core,
Your essence, a treasure to adore.

In every smile, a sweet refrain,
In every step, a graceful gain.
Nandini, oh, how you light the way,
In your presence, joy holds sway.

Unique and rare, your name's embrace,
A symbol of beauty, love, and grace.
So let your spirit dance and play,
Nandini, brightening every day.

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Happy Birthday to You,
May Good Luck be with You,
Happy Birthday to you, Nandini.

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