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O Neethu, your name holds a profound significance.
Steeped in Indian heritage, "Neethu" originates from the Sanskrit language, where it embodies the very essence of morality and virtue.
It translates to "good conduct," reflecting the righteous path you strive to walk.
As the bearer of this name, you possess an innate sense of fairness and integrity, guiding your actions with compassion and consideration for others.

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Happy Birthday Neethu Lyrics

Neethu, a name so radiant and true,
Originating from the land so diverse and new.
Its meaning, dear friend, is truly divine,
Reflecting love and compassion that always shine.

With roots in India's heritage so vast,
Neethu signifies honesty that will forever last.
A name like no other, so splendid and rare,
It holds the promise of kindness beyond compare.

Neethu, you're a gem shining so bright,
Bringing joy and laughter in every light.
With a heart so pure, filled with warmth and care,
You spread love and happiness everywhere.

So embrace your name, dear Neethu, with pride,
For it encapsulates all the love you provide.
You're unique, my friend, in every way,
A beautiful soul brightening each passing day.

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Happy Birthday to You,
May Good Luck be with You,
Happy Birthday to you, Neethu.

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