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Orazio, your name is a testament to your exemplary character.
It is derived from the Latin word "hora", meaning "time" or "hour".
In ancient Rome, "hora" was personified as the Goddess of Time, known for her punctuality, orderliness, and precision.
By bearing this name, you embody the virtues of timeliness, meticulousness, and an unwavering commitment to adhering to schedules.
Your name serves as a constant reminder to prioritize each moment and strive for excellence in all that you undertake.

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Happy Birthday Orazio Lyrics

Orazio, a name with a flavor so fine,
Like Italian wine, it ages like a fine wine

With roots deep in history, it stands tall,
A name that echoes through the halls

In every syllable, a story untold,
Of strength, of courage, of tales so bold

So here's to Orazio, may your name shine bright,
A beacon of hope, in the darkest night.

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Happy Birthday to You,
May Good Luck be with You,
Happy Birthday to you, Orazio.

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