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Sanu, your name echoes the essence of sandalwood, a fragrant and divine substance.
Like sandalwood, you possess an aura of warmth, purity, and a grounding presence.
Your name suggests that you are a source of comfort, tranquility, and wisdom, bringing harmony and balance to your surroundings.
Just as sandalwood is revered for its medicinal properties, your presence brings healing and rejuvenation to those who cross your path.
You are a beacon of hope and enlightenment, guiding others with your gentle strength and unwavering compassion.

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Happy Birthday Sanu Lyrics

Sure thing! Here goes:

"Sanu, a name like a melody divine,
Rooted in its meaning, pure and fine

In every note, in every rhyme,
Your essence shines, oh so prime

With each beat, a story unwinds,
Sanu, forever in hearts enshrined."

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Happy Birthday to You,
May Good Luck be with You,
Happy Birthday to you, Sanu.

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