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Tusshar, your name originates from Sanskrit and carries the meaning of "sharpening stone" or "wedge." In ancient times, such stones were used to sharpen weapons and tools, symbolizing strength, precision, and resilience.
As a person with this name, you may possess a keen mind, a determined spirit, and the ability to bring clarity and focus to any situation.
Embrace the qualities associated with your name and strive to sharpen your skills, refine your thinking, and create a lasting impact.

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Happy Birthday Tusshar Lyrics

From the land of purity, Tusshar strides,
Where rivers flow and wisdom abides

In his name, a spark of celestial fire,
Guiding him higher, never to tire

In every step, echoes a timeless tale,
Of strength and grace that will never pale

So here's to Tusshar, bold and true,
May his journey be as bright as the morning dew.

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Happy Birthday to You,
May Good Luck be with You,
Happy Birthday to you, Tusshar.

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