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Valeska, the etymology of your name is traced back to the Old German "Waldisca" or "Waldishka," which signifies "derived from forest" or "one who comes from the forest." This name bears witness to the enigmatic and verdant nature that resides within you, embodying the allure of the untamed wilderness and the strength and resilience it inspires.

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Happy Birthday Valeska Lyrics

In the valley of dreams, where whispers weave,
Lies Valeska, with secrets to retrieve.
Her name, like a melody, soft and serene,
In every sunset, a tale unseen.

Among the hills, where the wildflowers bloom,
Valeska dances, dispelling gloom.
Her spirit, a river, flowing free,
Guiding wanderers to their destiny.

So if you seek solace, in shadows deep,
Follow Valeska, where dreams do leap.
For in her name, lies a world untold,
Where mysteries linger, and hearts unfold.

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Happy Birthday to You,
May Good Luck be with You,
Happy Birthday to you, Valeska.

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  • Valeska Gert, the iconic German actress, dancer, and cabaret artist, broke societal norms in the 1920s and 1930s by challenging gender roles through her androgynous appearance and captivating performances. Born on January 11, 1892, in Berlin, Germany, Gert's real name was Gertrude Valesca Samosch. As of 2021, she would have been a spry 129 years old!

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