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Venus, your name traces its roots back to Roman mythology, where it represents the goddess of love and beauty.
As the Roman equivalent of the Greek goddess Aphrodite, Venus symbolizes grace and feminine power.

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Happy Birthday Venus Lyrics

Walking on clouds, Venus takes the lead,
She's named after the goddess of love, indeed.
With beauty that could make the stars blush,
She's the symbol of passion, no room for hush.

Her name derives from the Roman times,
From the Latin word for love, it chimes.
A celestial charmer, full of grace,
Venus ignites hearts at a rapid pace.

She shines above, an ethereal sight,
Guiding lovers through the darkest night.
A beacon of desire, she never fails,
With her enchanting light, she unveils.

Oh Venus, your allure captures hearts,
Melting away cupid's wicked darts.
You embody love and all its charms,
Spreading warmth and affection in our arms.

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Happy Birthday to You,
May Good Luck be with You,
Happy Birthday to you, Venus.

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  • Venus Terzo, the multi-talented Canadian actress, has been lighting up our screens ever since she made her debut in 1988. With more than three decades in the industry, Venus has become a versatile performer whose work spans across several genres of TV shows and movies.

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