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Verity, your name echoes the essence of truth and integrity.
Derived from the Latin word "veritas," it embodies the concept of honesty, accuracy, and fidelity.
It suggests that you possess a deep reverence for speaking and acting in a way that aligns with your conscience.
Your name is not merely a label but a constant reminder of the power of truth and the value of being a person of unwavering integrity.

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Happy Birthday Verity Lyrics

Verity, a name that brings truth so rare,
With origins in Latin, it truly does declare.
No pretense or deceit, just honesty so pure,
In a world of lies, you're a remedy, for sure.

You embody the essence of words that hold weight,
A beacon of truth, you never hesitate.
With a spirit that's genuine, you light up the room,
Verity, your integrity dispels all gloom.

No frills or fancy façades, that's not your style,
Down-to-earth and real, you always bring a smile.
Not afraid to speak up, you stand strong and tall,
Verity, your authenticity conquers all.

A name so unique, just like you, my friend,
Forever truthful, until the very end.
In a world that's often fake, you remain sincere,
Verity, your name's meaning is crystal clear.

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Happy Birthday to You,
May Good Luck be with You,
Happy Birthday to you, Verity.

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