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Vijayalakshmi, your name carries a rich and auspicious meaning.
"Vijaya" signifies victory, while "Lakshmi" represents the goddess of wealth and prosperity.
Together, Vijayalakshmi connotes that you are blessed with the power to triumph over all obstacles and attract abundance into your life.
Your name serves as a reminder to embody the qualities of a victorious warrior and a prosperous goddess.

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Happy Birthday Vijayalakshmi Lyrics

Vijayalakshmi, oh my dear,
A name so unique, I can hear,
Derived from Sanskrit, it does say,
Victory and goddess, it conveys.

With victory as her shining crown,
Vijayalakshmi, you'll never frown,
Like a goddess, strength and grace,
In your presence, hearts embrace.

Through ups and downs, you'll endure,
Vijayalakshmi, forever pure,
Your name a testament, oh so true,
Achieving triumphs, because of you.

So embrace your name with pride and glee,
Vijayalakshmi, forever free,
May success and joy surround your way,
Forever shining, come what may.

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Happy Birthday to You,
May Good Luck be with You,
Happy Birthday to you, Vijayalakshmi.

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  • Get ready to learn about the incredible journey of Vijayalakshmi Singh, or as she is affectionately known, Vijay! Hailing from Hubli, Mysore State, India, Vijayalakshmi was born on October 16, 1952, and at the age of 69 she remains one of the stalwarts of the southern film industry.