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Vikram, your name, a majestic one, signifies triumph and valor.
It is rooted in the Sanskrit term "vi", meaning "apart," and "kram", meaning "step." Together, they convey the notion of one who steps beyond boundaries, overpowers obstacles, and emerges victorious.
Like a valiant warrior who conquers adversity with each stride, your name carries within it an indomitable spirit of triumph and a testament to your boundless potential.

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Happy Birthday Vikram Lyrics

Vikram, oh buddy, your name is so raw,
Originating from the lands of ancient folklore.
It means "brave and victorious" in that old tongue,
A name that resonates with strength and songs sung.

With every step you take, be as bold as a lion,
Conquer your fears and let your courage be a sign.
Vikram, my friend, always strive for the top,
For your name carries the spirit of never ready to stop.

So go forth, my buddy, and be true to your name,
Embrace the challenges and never call it a game.
Vikram, be the hero of your own story,
Always remember, your journey is the ultimate glory.

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Happy Birthday to You,
May Good Luck be with You,
Happy Birthday to you, Vikram.

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  • Vikram Kennedy, lovingly known as Vikram in the world of cinema, has become a household name in Tamil Nadu. Born on April 17th, 1966, in Chennai, he grew up with his siblings. Vikram pursued his degree in English literature before entering the film industry.
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