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Vina, your name carries a graceful and melodious essence.
It originates from the Sanskrit term "veena," an ancient Indian stringed instrument known for its exquisite sound and captivating rhythms.
As such, the name Vina symbolizes your inherent musicality and ability to bring harmony to those around you.
It beautifully reflects your potential to create and appreciate the beauty of sound, evoking a sense of inspiration and joy.
Embrace the captivating nature of your name, Vina, and let its melody guide you on your path.

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Happy Birthday Vina Lyrics

Vina, a name so divine,
Originating from Sanskrit, it's a sign,
A melodious sound, like a sweet chime,
Symbolizing "music" in its prime.

Vina, your name tells a tale,
Of harmony, rhythm, you never fail,
Your soul resonates, like a nightingale,
Through every note, you leave a trail.

Vina, you're one of a kind,
In your presence, our hearts unwind,
With your passion, our spirits bind,
A true gift to the musical grind.

So embrace your name, Vina, with pride,
Let your music take us on a joyride,
For through your art, you do confide,
A unique talent you can't hide.

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Happy Birthday to You,
May Good Luck be with You,
Happy Birthday to you, Vina.

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  • Vina Morales is a name that is synonymous with the entertainment industry in the Philippines. With a career that spans over three decades, Vina has captured the hearts of Filipinos all over the world with her music and acting talent.