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Your name, Vrushika, is a beautiful Sanskrit name that carries a celestial significance.
It is derived from the constellation Scorpio, known as "Vrishchika" in Sanskrit.
Just as the stars in Scorpio form a scorpion-like pattern, the name Vrushika embodies strength, resilience, and a fiery determination.
It also represents protection and transformation, symbolizing your ability to overcome obstacles and emerge as a radiant individual.

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Happy Birthday Vrushika Lyrics

Ain't no one like Vrushika, with her name so cool and unique,
Derived from Sanskrit, it means "goddess of dance" they speak.
She's got moves like nobody's business, she's got rhythm in her veins,
When she's on the dance floor, she drives everyone insane.

Vrushika, oh Vrushika, a name that's full of grace,
Her spirit shines so brightly, she'll light up any place.
With every step she takes, she dances like no one's watching,
Her energy captivates, her moves are simply mind-blowing.

No wonder they call her "goddess," she's got that enchanting vibe,
Her feet glide across the floor, as if she's taking flight.
Vrushika, the dancing diva, the life of every party,
Her passion for dance is infectious, it makes everyone feel hearty.

So let's raise a glass to Vrushika, the one who steals the show,
With her dazzling moves and vibrant spirit, she's got the flow.
A name with a meaning that perfectly suits her style,
Vrushika, you're one of a kind, keep dancing with that dazzling smile.

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Happy Birthday to You,
May Good Luck be with You,
Happy Birthday to you, Vrushika.

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  • Vrushika Mehta, popularly known as Vrushu, is a young and talented Indian actress and dancer. She was born on February/18/1994, in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Vrushika, who is 27 years old, studied Bachelor of Commerce before venturing into the entertainment world.