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Zulay, your name carries the ethereal essence of the sky.
It is derived from the Arabic word "Zulaikha," meaning "bright star" or "shining one." Like the celestial bodies that adorn the night, your name signifies brilliance, beauty, and a guiding light.
You possess an inner radiance that illuminates the path for yourself and those around you.
Your intelligence, compassion, and determination shine forth like stars, leaving an enduring legacy in the hearts of all who know you.

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Happy Birthday Zulay Lyrics

Zulay, a name so divine,
With Latin roots, indeed one of a kind.
It signifies beauty, grace, and more,
A name that leaves us all in awe.

Zulay, a name that holds power,
Radiating strength every hour.
It embraces uniqueness with its flair,
Lighting up rooms, everywhere.

Zulay, a name that carries light,
Guiding us through the darkest of nights.
Like a star shining up above,
Filling each moment with endless love.

Zulay, a name that paints a scene,
With colors vibrant and evergreen.
A symphony of joy, melody so clear,
Spreading happiness far and near.

Zulay, a name that will forever shine,
Leaving an impression, so divine.
A treasure, rare and oh so sweet,
Forever in our hearts, it will beat.

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Happy Birthday to You,
May Good Luck be with You,
Happy Birthday to you, Zulay.

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