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Oh, Anjala, your melodious name holds a profound meaning.
It originates from the Sanskrit word "Anjali," signifying "offering with both hands." Just as a sacred offering is made with devotion, your name suggests a generous spirit ever ready to bestow kindness and compassion upon others.
Like a gentle breeze, you bring harmony and tranquility wherever you go, spreading love and joy to all who cross your path.

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Happy Birthday Anjala Lyrics

Anjala, oh so jolly, like a shiny jewel,
In her heart, kindness always rules

With a smile that lights up the day,
She spreads joy in her own special way.

In her eyes, a sparkle like the stars above,
Filled with wonder, curiosity, and love

Anjala skips along, with laughter in the air,
Bringing happiness to all who are near.

Her name, like a melody, sweet and bright,
Anjala dances through life, in pure delight

With every step, she paints the world with glee,
Anjala, the joyous spirit, forever free.

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Happy Birthday to You,
May Good Luck be with You,
Happy Birthday to you, Anjala.

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