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Dear Anju,

Your name holds a profound meaning, which speaks to your gentle and graceful nature.
"Anju" originates from the Sanskrit word "anju," meaning "beautiful eyes." This name perfectly captures your captivating gaze, a window to your inner beauty and wisdom.
It also signifies your ability to see the world with a clarity and perspective that brings joy and enlightenment to others.
Embracing the essence of your name, you illuminate the lives of those around you with your keen insight and radiant spirit.

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Happy Birthday Anju Lyrics

Anju, oh Anju, like a shimmering jewel,
Your name, it dances, like a magical duel.
In Sanskrit it means 'one who lives in the heart',
You're a burst of joy, right from the start!

With a smile so bright, like the morning dew,
Anju, dear Anju, we all love you.
In every laugh and every playful spree,
You're the sunshine in our family tree!

So here's to you, our little Anju star,
May your days be merry, no matter where you are.
With each step you take, may you find your way,
Anju, sweet Anju, our light every day!

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Happy Birthday to You,
May Good Luck be with You,
Happy Birthday to you, Anju.

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