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Ben, your name holds the weight of a biblical giant.
It originates from the Hebrew word 'ben,' which translates to 'son.' Like the ancient patriarchs, you are a foundational pillar of support and a powerful force within your circle.
Your name embodies the strength and unwavering loyalty of a true friend and family member.
May you always embody the virtues of resilience, integrity, and the unyielding spirit that flows through your namesake.

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Happy Birthday Ben Lyrics

Bouncing Ben, so bright and keen,
In every moment, a joyful scene.
His name means "son of my right hand,"
In adventure's land, he'll always stand.

With laughter like a bubbling brook,
And smiles that could fill a storybook.
Ben, the blessed, so full of glee,
In his heart, the world's a jubilee!

In every game, he'll gladly play,
His spirit shining, come what may.
With each step, a new path he'll tread,
Ben, the brave, where dreams are spread.

So let's cheer for Ben, our little friend,
Whose happiness knows no end.
In his world, where love's always seen,
He's our shining star, our evergreen!

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Happy Birthday to You,
May Good Luck be with You,
Happy Birthday to you, Ben.

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