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The name Benji, of Aramaic origin, carries a deep meaning within its twofold composition.
Its first part, "Ben," translates to "son," representing a connection to a familial lineage.
The second part, "jah," is a shortened form of the name "Yahweh," referring to the God of the Old Testament.
Thus, the name Benji signifies "son of God," reflecting a profound bond between the individual and divine blessings and protection.
The name Benji embodies qualities of faith, love, and righteousness, inspiring individuals to live purposeful lives in accordance with their spiritual beliefs.

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Happy Birthday Benji Lyrics

Benji, oh Benji, like a jolly jingle bell,
With a name so bright, it's easy to tell,
From "Benedict" meaning blessed and true,
You shine like the sun, in skies so blue!

With laughter like bubbles, you spread so much joy,
A bundle of fun, our favorite toy!
In every adventure, you lead the way,
Benji, dear Benji, hip hip hooray!

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Happy Birthday to You,
May Good Luck be with You,
Happy Birthday to you, Benji.

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