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Genelia, your enchanting name originates from the ancient Greek word "genea," meaning "race, lineage, or origin." It signifies the deep connection you have with both your ancestral lineage and the broader human family.
Your name conveys a sense of belonging and pride in your heritage, reminding you of the generations that came before you and the enduring tapestry of humanity to which you belong.

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Happy Birthday Genelia Lyrics

Gigglesome Genelia, so jubilant and bright,
With a name like yours, you sparkle with delight!
In the language of fantasy, let's uncover,
The enchanting origins of your name, dear cover.

"Gen" means noble, a trait full of grace,
Like a unicorn roaming in a whimsical place.
And "Elia" calls to mind joyful chimes,
Like a fairy spreading magic through our rhymes.

So Genelia, you're a treasure so grand,
Like a rainbow stretching across the land.
May your heart always be just as pure,
And bring to others joy that is sure.

With laughter and kindness, your spirit will shine,
Oh Genelia, you're a rare gem, so fine!
Let your dreams take flight, as high as can be,
Believe in the magic of Genelia, and just be free!

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Happy Birthday to You,
May Good Luck be with You,
Happy Birthday to you, Genelia.

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